Retailing Kids Wear And Wholesale Kids Clothing: The Nexus

Retailing kids wear is a challenging and enjoyable way to make a neat profit from a business venture. The business requires adequate care to ensure that products showcased at the retailer outlet are of highest quality and are safe for kids.

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Free picture of casual men shopping for new clothing accessories with male passion for fashion. Esta Hombre is an Arab designer in Egypt who is looking to find clothes for men who love to wear cloth from the wholesale store of urban retail style. He is searching for perfect urban outfits with trendy T-Shirts on the shelves of abundance in the professional business of an apparel merchant. This foto represents consumption. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Factors to Consider Before Setting Up a Shop

There are several small yet important factors to watch out for before starting a retail outlet for children.

• Retailers should be sensitive to the tastes of children for it is not always fashion that takes a high priority in kids wear, especially for young kids, though picking on latest trends will help boutique stores address the needs of parents who want their children to be dressed in style.

• Comfortable and high quality fabric, pretty or clean patterns, neat fits and an affordable price tag will do well to get noticed.

• There are too many players in the kids-wear retail market. Aspiring and existing retailers better settle for a targeted niche, either address specific age-groups, or focus on special or themed products, such as funny prints, organic fabric, etc. to stay in the race.

Sourcing Kids Wear from Wholesalers

Retailers can stock their inventories from several suppliers, including local wholesalers, manufacturers of kids’ garments or even online wholesale companies. The profitability of retailing business will depend very much on the chosen supplier, depending on how good the quality is and how cheap the prices are.

Buying wholesale kids clothing, either online or from local suppliers, is in many ways favorable to the business. Retailers anyway enjoy a price discount on bulk purchases, but buying from a wholesaler allows them to build their kids wear collection from a wide range of products, as the wholesalers draw their stocks from multiple branded and non-branded manufacturers.

Retailers who are targeting niche items or customer groups can accordingly approach specific wholesalers or manufacturers for deals, compare the quality and prices and finalize their orders.

Shopping online for bulk purchases is definitely an easier and faster way to source kids clothing. Credibility and quality are two main factors to watch out for while deciding on the supplier, apart from the pricing that takes a direct hit at the profit margins of the business. Most suppliers usually offer free or discounted shipment and delivery.

Online shopping allows bulk shoppers to quickly search for kids wear based on their preferences, gather details on several sources of kids clothing, compare prices online and contact suppliers for queries or best deals to proceed further. They can also simply fill their shopping carts, make an online payment and get the goods delivered at the door step.

Retail businesses can make use of online ordering, payment, and same-day delivery facilities to quickly re-stock their inventory based on actual sales, or on specific customer requests.

Several online wholesale shops such as Amazon also offer bulk shopping facilities and discounts through Amazon Gift Cards with an assorted collection of kids-wear bundled in small units of say 6 t-shirts of same style and size, but with different colors or sporting different prints. Parents can also make use of these offers to stock the wardrobes of their children with trendy outfits at affordable prices, instead of waiting for the bulk sale at the end of the season.

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