Get Exposed To A World Of Exciting Adventures

Compliment your teen’s traditional school learning experiences with a summer vacation at on the wilderness field trips. These summer camps are held in already existing national and international summer vacation spots that cater to teen interests. These camps are designed to expose teens to exciting group living experiences that include outdoor adventures in Hay Day. There is a fun atmosphere with emphasis on learning leadership skills. The activities are noncompetitive and focus on developing the self-esteem of the individual.

This organization is a pioneer program in this arena for 37 years. Their adventure tours have been held in the American West. Special emphasis is placed on choosing unique and interesting sites for the stays in the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains. The states chosen for these visits include Colorado, Alaska, Arizona, and New Mexico among others.

Several international locations have been added to the program. These include Europe, Central and South America, Australia, and the South Pacific. This program carries the reputation of being the highest quality program for summer adventure and personal development available to today’s teens. This summer vacation program for teens holds the enviable position of being authorized to host backpacking trips for their campers in the famous Grand Teton National Park and Oregon’s Three Sisters Wilderness. They are also the only program hosting this age group for outdoor adventure allowed to lead sea kayaking expeditions in the areas of the high alpine lakes of Yellowstone National Park.

Permits are self-managed in these destinations which gives the program a high degree of control over selecting the leaders of all expeditions. The persons chosen as leaders are among the most highly qualified, extensively trained staff in this industry. Everyone can enjoy the distinction of their camp leaders having a high level of control over the adventures they lead. This distinguishes this program from programs that are required to subcontract important adventure activities to outside permit holders.

When this practice occurs the quality of the leadership in charge of the safety, health, enjoyment, and general well being of the camp activities is diluted. Operating under their own permits provides this program total control over the quality of all events.

Parents are assured that all events are handled as they are advertised. The satisfaction, safety, and happiness of their children is virtually guaranteed through Hay Day hack. With an infallible reputation backing this program, the child’s experience is sure to be one that is unforgettable. The summer will be filled with memorable and enriching experiences.

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